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The Street Food of Lagos

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November 22, 2017
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November 29, 2017

Forget the home training your mum gave you about not eating on the street. This is Lagos and you can’t come and kill yourself while food is staring at you. Forget that story people tell you about street food being dirty and can kill you, biko you’ll die when its time. So in no particular order, I present to you, the mind blowing street food of Lagos.

Ewa-Agoyin and Agege Bread- To eat this combo, you have to go all razz, yes you heard me. Forget every spirit of control holding you. Its beans in its natural form and nothing can beat that. And the Agege bread, I’ve never seen a more straightforward bread, no plenty wahala, just bread being bread.

Bole and Fish or Bole and Groundnut- Bole has always given dodo a run for its money. And anytime I talk about bole, it gets me all emotional, but not today bole. The way this grilled plantain just seats well in your mouth is something words can never explain.

Puff Puff- Nothing can beat hot puff puff in a hot Lagos afternoon, that thing is lit and add a bottle of cold coke to it and you just signed a memo to have hunger killed in the most sexy way.

Akara and Yam- It’s all over Lagos, just imagine you sandwiching the akara and yam together, and savoring it. Ha! This have sha saved a lot of lives from hunger.

Roasted or Boiled Corn with Coconut or Ube (African Pear)- Sweet corn is bae, combine it with coconut or Ube and you are on a whole different planet.

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  1. Alex Abdul says:

    Got hungry just reading this.
    Bole and fish and ground nut any day any time.

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