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2017 AD: Saudi Women Gain Freedom to Drive

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November 24, 2016
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November 4, 2017

A royal decree has been issued by Saudi Arabia to finally allow women drive. The ultra-conservative country is the only country in the world that didn’t allow women drive before now.

Manal al Sharif, who started the Women2Drive campaign in 2011, celebrated the announcement on twitter saying;

“Saudi Arabia will never be the same again. The rain begins with a single drop” #Women2Drive ❤️

— منال مسعود الشريف (@manal_alsharif)



Saudi Arabia adheres to a strict Sunni form known as wahhabism. The laws are mostly unwritten, leaving the judges and male guardians so much power which is usually exercise in favour of tribal traditions. “Its culture, not religion,” is a Saudi saying that has been used as a justification for countless injustices against women.

Saudi women are still barred from marrying, divorcing, travelling, applying for National ID or Passport and opening a bank account without permission from their male guardians. Women cannot mix freely with members of the opposite sex, Appear in public without a male sponsor, retain custody of their children in a divorce after they reach the age of 7 for boys and 9 for girls, get fair hearing in court, where “the testimony of one man equals that of two women.”, Wear clothes or make-up that show off their beauty, it’s so bad, they cannot even try on clothes when shopping.

The new royal decree is still a long way to go, but just as Manal said in her tweet, The rain begins with a single drop

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